Accessibility-Ready Website ThemesWebsite Accessibility concerns are on the rise both locally to Sonoma County’s small business owners and other well-known businesses nationwide.

In our dedication to making websites more accessible to users with disabilities, Boylan Point’s web development team has recently attended seminars and workshops on the topic of ADA Compliance.

During our research, we found 19 free WordPress themes deemed accessibility-ready by and wanted to share them with you.

What does accessibility-ready mean exactly?

Since provides a short and sweet answer, I’ll just quote them below.

Themes labeled as accessibility-ready have met the required guidelines and should not be construed to meet any level of formal accessibility requirements. Those levels are measurements of content accessibility, and cannot be applied to a theme.

Not all WordPress themes go through this accessibility-ready process.

Theme submissions (or theme updates) using the tag must undergo a basic accessibility review.

This means you can trust the below accessibility-ready themes for WordPress to help build a foundation for your ADA compliant website.