For the past several years, APM Homes has taken great pride in building quality homes for families within Santa Rosa. As a local company, they view creating beautiful residences as so much more than a business venture, they design every home as though a friend or a neighbor could be the next resident (which is likely in our tight-knit city!) Their dedication towards their community is evident and became even stronger after the devastating firestorms in the fall of 2017. Following the tragic event, they shifted almost 100% of their focus into repairing the damage caused by the fire, and today, they remain as part of the everyday crew breathing new life into Coffey Park.

Amidst the roar of power tools and dust emanating from the once bustling neighborhood sits a modest APM sign offering Coffey Park residents guidance on what options they have in regards to their properties. What comes across as a simple service is, in actuality, a way for the members of APM to provide support and compassion towards the community that they serve and love. In the last few months, they have extended their compassion to reach beyond their local community, and are now helping guide the crews in Paradise while they begin their rebuild process following their own horrendous fires.

While we have worked with APM for several years, creating promotional brochures, signs, and social media posts to connect them with individuals in need of rebuild services,  we never fail to marvel at their spectacular craftsmanship and their devotion to the community. These traits are ones that we personally value and implement at the Boylan Point, and they are what makes us proud to work with the team at APM Homes.

If you or a loved one have yet to rebuild and are still weighing your options, please reach out to Mark Cooper at APM Homes, (707) 490-6917. Mark can help you understand the process of rebuilding and the options that are still available for you.

APM Homes, Inc.
1519 Amanda Place
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 490-6917

Part of our Client Corner series showcasing small business owners in the Bay Area.