How Do You Manage My Social Media?

How Do You Manage My Social Media? One of the jobs Boylan Point does for our customers is manage your social media content, by making sure that Facebook has regular postings of cat memes that works for your company and your LinkedIn shows your latest project. But, you might ask, how does Boylan Point manage your social media content. First off, we work with you, the customer, to plan out your campaign. Our social media plan will post at least once a week, usually on Monday mornings, when most people… Read More »How Do You Manage My Social Media?

Social Media Profile Page

I Have A Facebook Page, Why Do I Need A Website?

I Have A Facebook Page, Why Do I need A Web Page? Boylan Point gets asked on a regular basis why a customer should have their own website if they’re advertising on the Internet. After all, Facebook is free, has nearly three billion people on its social media platform, and they have a robust ad manager system via Meta. So, why can’t you just get onto Facebook, set up a business page, figure out how to target the right demographics, and put a credit card in for your first campaign? You can do that, but a… Read More »I Have A Facebook Page, Why Do I Need A Website?

How Can I Sell More Product Using My Website?

How Do I Sell More Products Using My Website? So, you’ve invested in a website, maybe did some research into branding, set up a social media and SEO plan for your company. …now how do I get them buying my stuff? That’s the big question, and just having a website won’t magically cause people to come through your door. Like everything, it’s something that you have to keep up, maintain, and work on. A lot of these things are simple to do and handle on a regular basis. So, how… Read More »How Can I Sell More Product Using My Website?

Why Should You Worry About Broken Links

Why You Should Worry About Broken Links Broken links-links that no longer connect to another web site-don’t sound like a big problem. They happen all the time and they are annoying but not dangerous. The problem is that broken links are a major issue and it causes a number of problems for you and your website. Some of these problems include- SEO Delisting-The various methods that sites such as Google use to determine your website’s ranking are dependent upon good links. Good links increase your ranking in search results. Broken… Read More »Why Should You Worry About Broken Links

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. You’ve survived New Years, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patricks’ Day, Easter…and now, all of sudden it’s coming up on the end of spring. Because of how busy everything has been, things could have slipped past you in all of the usual disasters. One of those things could be your marketing. Right now is a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning of your marketing plan. Taking a few minutes to review your online presence will pay itself off in the long run. Some of… Read More »Spring Cleaning Your Marketing

When To Ask For Reviews

Reviews are the lifeblood of any business online, and good reviews are what get customers in the door. Studies have shown that 90% of customers will read an online review before going to a location, 92% of customers will use a local business if it has a 4 star or better rating, a good review could mean up to 31% more in sales, and 86% of people will hesitate to shop at a location with bad reviews. But we’ve all had the experience of having a pushy salesperson shove a… Read More »When To Ask For Reviews

Google My Business Benefits

Google My Business is one of the most powerful tools a local business can use. It allows companies to manage their presence across the number 1 search engine in the world – Google. Think of your Google My Business (GMB) listing as a new version of your website’s homepage because it very well might end up being what your customers see first.