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How To Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook Optimization How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Nowadays, providing a great product or service isn’t enough. To stay competitive in your industry, you have to keep up-to-date online. Social Media is one option to increase the visibility of your business. Facebook, the biggest social media platform, can play a role in your SEO strategy and can help to attract a relevant audience and get brand recognition. With millions of business pages and advertisers on Facebook, it can be hard to get noticed. The last thing you want is for your… Read More »How To Optimize Your Facebook Page

social media marketing ideas

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas

We know you’re already familiar with social media, but have you ever asked what is social media marketing?

Today’s Pre-Purchase Research

Our research is done in a variety of ways, including price checking, reading reviews and watching videos of the product in use. This isn’t surprising since almost 20% of shoppers consider research to be a must before purchasing any kind of product.

Unexpected Benefits of Social Media

The ability to promote upcoming events and products, the ability to collect reviews and respond appropriately, and the ability to have your message spread throughout your community (through customers ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’) are left at the door when business declines to invest in their online, social presence.

We Have Good News to Share

We are back in our office and fully operational for the first time since this disaster of the Sonoma County fires took off.