How Do I Prepare For My First Website Meeting?

How Do You Manage My Social Media? One of the jobs Boylan Point does for our customers is manage your social media content, by making sure that Facebook has regular postings of cat memes that works for your company and your LinkedIn shows your latest project. But, you might ask, how does Boylan Point manage your social media content. First off, we work with you, the customer, to plan out your campaign. Our social media plan will post at least once a week, usually on Monday mornings, when most people… Read More »How Do I Prepare For My First Website Meeting?

Web Design Trends

Web Design Tips & Trends

Web design tips for 2022 that include scrolling text images, megafooters, and gradients.

5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

Making your users happy when they visit your site is a good way of encouraging positive behavior and even making sales.