See how to fix your website in seconds

Here’s what is included in the free website audit report

  • Website Errors
    • The exact number of website errors, Google index warnings and notices detected on your website audit.
  • Top 3 issues
    • In order of importance see the top 3 issues to fix, so you know what to focus on first when fixing your website.
  • Website Health Score
    • The total score of the website is based on the ratio of found issues to the number of performed checks. Did you know the average website health score is only 62%? We can get you up to 100%!

*Limited to 25 pages. Contact us here for a full website audit report for free!

Unhealthy Website Score
Healthy Website Score

Our free website audit provides an overview of what fixes are required within your website in order to rank higher in Google search. Have questions? Give us a call at (707) 544-3390 anytime.