Gravity Forms CSS Ready Classes

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Form is a paid plugin to create professional and secure forms on your site. These forms are not only contact forms, but can also be used for surveys, polls, mailing lists, product orders and so much more.

One powerful feature that separates it from other forms is its use of conditional logic, so that form features can be hidden or revealed depending on user input. 

Not only is there a wide range of ways to display your form options, but you can easily style your form through CSS Ready Classes.

CSS Ready Classes

CSS Ready Classes were built into Gravity Forms 1.5 Release as a way to easily customize format.

Not all CSS Ready Classes labels work with all form types.

To use a CSS Ready Class, after you create your label, click on the appearance tab. There will be an option for Custom CSS Class, where you can insert your chosen class label.

It is possible to use multiple classes by separating your classes with a space.

Of course, you may have other CSS or code that can override or interfere.

“Top Label” CSS Classes:

Applies to Top Label Options / Text Areas

Split into two columns

  • gf_left_half
  • gf_right_half

Split into three columns

  • gf_left_third
  • gf_middle_third
  • gf_right_third

Horizontal Elements

  • gf_simple_horizontal


Split into four columns

  • gf_first_quarter
  • gf_second_quarter
  • gf_third_quarter
  • gf_fourth_quarter

Inline Elements

  • gf_inline

List CSS Classes:

Applies to Checkboxes (Radio) and Multiple Choice

Two equally spaced columns

  • gf_list_2col

Three equally spaced column

  • gf_list_3col

Four equally spaced column

  • gf_list_4col

Five equally spaced columns

    • gf_list_5col

​Inline List

  • gf_list_inline

List Height

  • gf_list_height_20
  • gf_list_height_50
  • gf_list_height_75
  • gf_list_height_100
  • gf_list_height_125
  • gf_list_height_150

Other Useful Classes:

Applies to Sections/Page Breaks/etc.


  • Adds scroll bar to long text
  • Works only on section breaks


  • Hides am/time selector


  • hides the characters left counter beneath paragraph text fields when using the max characters option

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