How to Delete a Company Page on LinkedIn

How often do you see a company page on LinkedIn, only to find out the company no longer exists?

Have you seen your own business page on LinkedIn, even though you did not create it yourself?

Or have you created a handful of company pages on your own, not thinking it was a big deal?

Well today, we’re here to assist you in explaining what your options are, in order to accomplish your goal of deleting a company page from LinkedIn.

Are you trying to delete your company page off LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn’s Help Forum, I learned the following:

We don’t remove the Company Pages of acquired companies because it affects the accounts of LinkedIn members who’ve associated their profiles with that Company Page.

By removing an acquired company’s page, the company logo and link would be deleted from the Experience section of employees’ profiles. This prevents former employees of the acquired company from associating their past work experience with that company. Our policy to not remove Company Pages applies even if the brand of the acquired company will no longer exist.

However, this scenario may not be what you’re dealing with. Not all of us can just buy-out companies, at least not yet, right?

How to delete a company page on LinkedIn

If your company page has less than 10 employees associated with it, then you’re in luck.

To delete your company page, all you have to do is submit this form on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind, only a company page admin can request the company page be removed.

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