The difference between HTTP vs HTTPS

In order to understand the difference between HTTP vs HTTPS, one must first be aware of what is HTTP and what is HTTPS and why and how are they used.

Well, this article is for you.

What is HTTP?

HTTP is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

That is a protocol which is used by the World Wide Web (WWW), and it defines a standard of how messages are formatted and sent and how those requests should be handled by the web servers and the browsers in response.

An example would be when you try to open a particular web page, you send a specific HTTP request to the web server, which processes the data and sends a response.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure or also known as HTTP over SSL. It basically uses the communication over HTTP; however, it uses an encrypted connection meant to protect the data of the request sent to the web server.

Simply said, using HTTPS would mean that the two computers exchanging the data encrypt the data in such a way that only they can decrypt and understand it, which ensure that all of your information is secure.

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The difference as you might have already noticed is in the “code” the two computers use to encrypt and decrypt the data.

That is done on a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS) to send information between the machines.

HTTPS is a fairly new technology compared to HTTP and due to its security, it’s gaining more popularity with each passing day.

The ability to exchange data between your browser and the website safely is becoming more of a necessity rather than a privilege in our world.

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Source: Tony Messer, Co-founder and CEO of Pickaweb and Guest Writer at Entrepreneur

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