La Gare French Restaurant

Walking through the door of La Gare, your senses are instantly greeted by the tantalizing smells and sounds of gourmet French Cuisine. The waiters walk briskly by your table, carrying plates of Grenadin de Filet de Boeuf Bordelaise in a bed of red wine and shallots and Filet of Sole Almondine drenched in lemon and butter. The soft sounds of the kitchen serenade you as you breathe in the mouth-watering aroma of garlic.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

At the Boylan Point, while we do consider ourselves gourmands, our talents are much better suited to creating extraordinary marketing solutions. As is the case with most of our clients, talent has a way of seeking out talent, which is how we came to develop the beautiful new website that serves at La Gare’s introduction to the virtual world. At the beginning of 2018, our team was contacted by the Praplan’s with a request that their website be built to reflect the fantastic quality of their food. Knowing that the delicious French restaurant has been a staple in Santa Rosa’s historic railroad square for over 40 years, our goal was to create a site that honored their history and traditional French cuisine.

Award-Winning Food & Service

Representative of the romantic dining experience created by La Gare, their website is awash with elegant details that honor the spirit of the restaurant; featuring images of their delectable fare, the website provides diners with easy access to the menu, as well as historical information on the long-time family business.

We consider ourselves truly fortunate to work with the team at La Gare, and if you are ever in need of a romantic restaurant whose long history of success speaks for itself, we would highly recommend visiting La Gare French Restaurant. However, before dining, be sure to marvel at their beautiful website and catch a sneak peek of the delicious food awaiting your impatient taste buds.

La Gare, French Restaurant

La Gare French Restaurant
208 Wilson Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 528-4355
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