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What To Do About Google Ads’ Reduced Search Term Visibility

In September 2020, Google made a big decision to change its Search Term Reports. Google Ads users were undoubtedly affected since the reports now only show terms that reach a significant volume threshold. This means that low-volume, irrelevant keywords are now omitted from the reports.  

While our Search Engine Marketers were skeptical about this change since Search Term Reports were a crucial tool in account optimization, we’ve been working with our team to find how we can make up that loss of data and ensuring our clients only pay for relevant clicks

Here are our top three tips on how to improve your SEM strategy after this Google Ads update:

1. Adjust Your Max CPC

Even though marketers are losing some data from search term reports, we’re still getting the bulk of it that can help with optimizing your campaigns. For those keywords that are broad match or modified broad match, reducing bids can help decrease the amount of potentially irrelevant terms that can trigger ads. For phase and exact match keywords, increase the bids since those are the actual clients you want.

2. Update Search Ad Copy

If a user is looking at your ad, it should be clear to them what your business is trying to provide them. Vague ad copy can cause someone who is not searching for your product or service to click on your ad. Emphasize what your business, product, or service is within the first 2-5 words of an ad copy ensure that the people who click on the ads might lead to a conversion. 

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3. Leverage Microsoft Ads

Almost all digital advertisers got in the groove of applying their SEM findings from Google to Microsoft Ads; however, with this new update, we have to start looking at Microsoft’s search term data when optimizing our Google campaigns. Their search term data is still completely transparent and can be used to find new keywords and negative keywords to improve your SEM campaigns.

Including Microsoft Ads to your Search Engine Marketing strategy has a host of advantages other than their search term data to consider, such as increasing your reach, lower CPC, and ease of use. Microsoft Ads makes it easy to import all your Google changes into your Microsoft campaigns. By involving both of these platforms in your strategy, you can improve your strategy and results.

At Boylan Point Agency, we use various tools that help us optimize our SEM campaigns while we adjust to this new Google update like keyword planners and AI tools. Additionally, if your business is solely focused on Search Engine Marketing, this is a good time to consider Social Media, SEO, and more marketing opportunities. 

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