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Accessibility Helps People Find Your Services

ADA Support

When it comes to your website, making an effort to be all-inclusive is key to connecting with a broader audience. That’s why we are sure to include website accessibility in our custom designs. 

ADA, the Americans With Disabilities Act, is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

This law extends to accessibility requirements for electronic and information technology to create a fair, online experience for all users. 

We always design with website accessibility in mind. 

ADA Compliant

What does this mean for websites?

For your website, we recommend working with a trusted web development company who possess the tools and knowledge to be certain your site is functioning optimally. Ensuring keyboard navigation and website accessibility is merely a step in the right direction for becoming ADA Compliant.

Specifications to Follow

ADA Guidelines

While there are no specific rules on what a website has to have to make it ADA compliant, there are many requirements, recommendations, and guidelines available out there that we have familiarized ourselves with. This includes WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines’ levels of compliance, and Section 508.

We make a notable effort to create sites with ADA website accessibility in mind while steadily increasing compliance. 

ADA Tools


When we begin to create a site, we start by thoroughly reviewing the code because this affects both Search Engines and ADA restrictions. While no widget or plugin will function perfectly 100% of the time, we use a variety of tools to assist us in building accessible websites, and then manually tailor code adjustments as needed. 

If you are looking to increase your website  accessibility, be sure to speak with an experienced web agency (and we just so happen to know one!) 

We understand the needs that ADA requires and can provide you with ADA training, consulting, and pointers to ensure you are following best-practice guidelines.

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