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Search Engine Marketing

We place your ads in front of web users who are already searching on the web.

Do you know the benefits of SEM?

Many business owners hear the term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign every day, but they don’t know why it is important for their business. They don’t know the SEM benefits they are missing out on.

Search engine Marketing or SEM is the practice of placing your website in front of users who are searching on the web. 

These ads appear before organic results. 

This gives you an advantage over competitors.

We Have Over a Decade of Experience Crafting Search Ads

Advanced SEO

The Benefits of a Paid Campaign

Reach – Your ads are distributed continuously on whatever scale you wish. From global to local, reach the users that are searching for your product or service.

Cost – Provides a low-risk, high-reward investment. You pay only when users click on your ads.

Timing – Advertise to your customers at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service.

Flexibility – Change your ads at any time to see what messaging is most effective. Fully customizable, flexible budget; you can set it as high or low as you like, whenever you like.

Search Engine Marketing, or S.E.M., is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites by quickly gaining visibility in search engines like Google.
Boylan Point Agency can also create a comprehensive cost-per-click (C.P.C.) campaign for your company that is effectively adjacent to your S.E.O. campaign (long-term, organic web traffic and visibility).

Under the C.P.C. pricing model, advertisers pay for ad clicks, not impressions. If an advertiser’s ads appear 50 times and receive five clicks, the advertiser is charged only for those five clicks.

Advertisers set a monthly budget and can decide on specific amounts they’re willing to spend per click. Boylan Point Agency then develops a strategy to maximize exposure while keeping the budget intact.

We also have access to Google’s and Microsoft’s search engine partners, such as Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

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