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Call Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising 

Know which marketing outlets are generating phone calls to your business

Focus on the marketing and advertising that works

Call Tracking is a method of utilizing forwarding-phone lines to determine how callers found a business, providing insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and their return on investment (R.O.I.)

Call tracking to measure ROI

How does it work?

Easily set up multiple phone numbers (all forwarding to your business line) that appear in different marketing locations. By tracking which number was called, CallRail determines if your newest lead came from a radio advertisement, bumper sticker, social media profile, or anywhere else your brand is promoted.

Who should consider call tracking?

Any marketed business that prioritizes incoming phone calls to generate sales. CallRail’s call-tracking data provides valuable insight for businesses in any industry.

ADA Tools

We set it up, you track the results

We’ll help you connect with a CallRail representative to learn more about the tool and provide assistance with setting it up so that your team has both the incoming call data and insight into which marketing effort was responsible for each incoming call.

Stop worrying about wasted spend, know what is generating calls

 one of the leading brands in the call-tracking solution industry, providing award-winning lead-tracking solutions since its inception in 2011.

Boylan Point Agency is a Certified CallRail partner

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