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Our public relations background can help you to craft a message to bring the outcome you are looking for.

With years of experience writing for major media companies, we have the interview skills and the ability to write, edit and deliver your message to the mass media or a select list of recipients.

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In addition to several talented writers on staff, we have access to a number of professional writers skilled in a variety of subjects.

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Boylan Point Agency’s writing services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Newsletter Copy & Editing
  • Sales Brochures / Letters
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Radio & Television
  • Press Releases/ Query Letters

Tom Boylan spent 10 years writing for various newspapers as a contract columnist and editor, including The New York Times owned Press Democrat and Gannett Publications Marin/Sonoma Gazette.

His weekly columns covered business, community and automotive topics. Several special sections received awards from California Classified Advertising Executives (CCAE) and National Advertising Association (NAA).